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7 February, 2013


Lately I’ve been obsessed with this photo-processing software I downloaded for a free demo trial, which is designed to help photographers create better black-and-white images. There are many presets, filters and effects you can add with this Silver Efex photoshop plug-in, and it does indeed seem really advanced. Unfortunately, it’s priced for pro photographers who can justify the expense, and I kept gravitating to the same one filter anyway — “Antique Plate — so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it after my 15 days are up. Besides, one of the art directors at work told me it just looks like I used Instagram anyway. Still, it was fun editing these few dozen pictures from my friendly little blue plastic camera, whose pictures seem to lend themselves well to this “antique” treatment. The wide angle, vignetting, lens flare and the graininess that comes from having to use 400- or 800-speed film in this fixed-aperture, fixed-shutter speed toy really add to the effect. Plus I usually (always) use expired film anyway, so if it comes out a little dark or greenish, no biggie: I’m going to end up black-and-whiting it!

19 January, 2013

Furry 2012

31 October, 2012

I Heart Lemurs

And I’m at least three outings behind schedule, as far as sharing photos. But I wanted to share this group of pictures from our outing to the Duke Lemur Center a few weeks ago. It just cracks me up.

16 October, 2012

Photographic Phail

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Picked up a roll of Rollei “Blackbird” film on a whim during my last trip to Peace Camera. I thought it would be fun to try in our Blue Ribbon wide-angle pocket camera, which has no controls for aperture, shutter speed or focus — you just point it at stuff and hope for the best.

Phooey, I said later, after returning from adventures in New Hampshire, our neighborhood and at Penny’s garden: For whatever reason, I assume because the film wasn’t actually 100 ISO at all, there was barely anything on the negatives, even the stuff I shot in bright, blinding sunlight.

The picture of Veda atop Rattlesnake Mountain was a particular disappointment. I remember so clearly being so proud of us for making it all the way up, and so reassured by the reward of the view. Photographically speaking, though, all I’ve got to show for it is a dark, blurry frame in which you can just make out her little kneecaps.

Oh well. Time for more experimenting.

18 September, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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There have been so many birthdays lately that I can scarcely keep them all straight. Tell me if I’m forgetting any.

My little nephew Eli was this week, our friend Sarah Noel’s was yesterday, Penny’s was two weeks ago, her Grandma’s was… last weekend? …Mom’s was on Sunday, and surely there are others.

I’d really like to become better about observing occasions. This year we did get to celebrate with Mom by taking her out to a lovely dinner at Market Restaurant here in Raleigh, followed by a tasty and aromatic stop into Escazu artisan chocolates next door.

The following Friday I took Penny to Watts Grocery in Durham for *her* birthday dinner, so I tend to eat pretty well this time of year.

But still. In the future I want to show up at the door, in person, with a cake and some candles. For Penny, of course, but also for as many friends and family members as I can manage. It’s pretty important.


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