A little about me: I’m with Luke Sullivan, not Claude Hopkins. I learned from Charlie Hopper, David Nehamkin, Jennifer Gombach, Lindsey Bennett and every single art director, designer and client I’ve ever worked with. Didn’t go to ad school. Didn’t intend to be a copywriter. My degree is in philosophy, and my interests are plentiful, verging on infinite. In the inevitable disputes that arise while making ads, I side with whoever’s going to end up reading them. I’ve won all the awards, pretty much. I actually like doing radio. I start concepting with outdoor, which strikes some folks as weird.

Grew up reading Roald Dahl, Calvin and Hobbes, the Guinness Book of World Records, and everything else. I see advertising as a big piece of our culture, and I see every little piece in it as an opportunity to make someone’s life better. Really. And not at the expense of someone else. You can’t seriously believe in a zero-sum game when you make a living pulling ideas out of thin air. Devoted dad and husband. Not trying to get rich. Or famous. I try to do this job well because the alternative is demoralizing. I’m still learning.


I’ve worked on campaigns for banks and nonprofits, hospitals and insurance companies, electric utilities and artist collectives, and then some. Never re-used a headline so far, I don’t think.

AICPADuke Energy
LenovoSteak n Shake
First CitizensDepartment of Health and Human Services

Selected Projects

These are a few of my favorite things.